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Renault Warranty Quote

In 1899, Louis, Marcel and Fernand Renault founded a car company that bore their name. And today, that same company is the third largest automobile producer in the whole of Europe. From tractors to tanks; buses to coaches, Renault made just about every conceivable land vehicle in its early days, before focusing solely on the cars and vans we all know and love. With the French Government owning a 15 per cent stake in the company’s shares, Renault’s enduring popularity is self-evident.

And with such a high-profile reputation in the motoring world, it’s hardly surprising that Renault offers quality in abundance across its extensive range of vehicles. Nevertheless, you’ll be a lot more comfortable once you’ve taken out an extended Renault warranty with MotorEasy. Unexpected failures can and do happen, which is why we’re here to help if you suddenly find yourself met with repair costs that are through the sun-roof!

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Why do I need a Renault warranty?

Encountered mechanical and/or electrical faults on the road? We’ll be there to help pick up the repair bill. When it comes to Renault warranties, we pull out all the stops; with our comprehensive coverage, peace of mind for motorists is now easily attainable. And though many common problems with Renaults can be avoided if you take the necessary precautions (like regular servicing), you certainly shouldn’t risk it - equip your vehicle with a warranty just in case!

We like to keep coverage straightforward here at MotorEasy (yes, we hate jargon just as much as you!). That’s why, with each of our plans, the important bits are taken care of. Now you can relax, knowing that we’re protecting your Renault.


What do I get with MotorEasy?

If you’re looking for a warranty that’s worth its salt, you’ll find what you’re after with one of our plans. Whether you want protection for one, two or even three years, that’s fine; complete flexibility is what you get, and you won’t be disappointed with our service.

On top of that, we’ll be there to help with the rcovery costs if your car breaks down in need of repair. And with 24/7 online repair booking and tracking by our team of engineers, you’ll be in safe hands – day and night.

Our warranty coverage also means you won’t be out of pocket should your vehicle require work for failures due to wear and tear. As long as you’ve had a complementary health check at one of our approved garages, you’ll be protected from day one of your policy.


How do I get a Renault warranty quote?

For a free online warranty quote for your Renault, just head to our quote generator. You’ll be asked to fill in your car’s registration number along with some personal information. You’ll then receive your Renault warranty quote online right there and then; it really couldn’t be easier!

Talking to someone is an option, too. You can live chat with a member of our team or call freephone 0800 131 0001 to discuss what you hope to get out of your Renault warranty with MotorEasy.


Recent Paid Maintenance and Repairs for Renault Cars

Repairing your Renault when something goes wrong under the bonnet can be costly. You’ll want to get to grips with the most common repairs associated with models in the Renault range, so you can make the right decision warranty-wise. For examples of how to ensure what’s what, take a look at our guide below:

  • Megane: When the ABS pump went in one of these cars, it could have ended up costing the owner a whopping £1,183.20 to put right. It is vital that you take out a Renault warranty with MotorEasy to avoid having to pay such hefty bills upfront, especially if they appear completely out of the blue.
  • Trafic: When one owner brought their vehicle in needing new drive chains and a complete engine replacement, they were presented with a bill totalling an even – but expensive! – £3,682, including diagnostics, parts and labour costs, luckily MotorEasy were on hand to pick up the bill for them. Put unexpected repair costs behind you by taking out a comprehensive Renault warranty with MotorEasy today.
  • Grand Modus: We restored the hydraulic valve block in one of these cars for £1,565.05. Such big bills mean many motorists are forced to reach further into their already strained pockets. Take some of the burdens off your bank balance when you obtain extended warranty coverage for your Renault through MotorEasy.
  • Laguna: When the dual mass flywheel needed restoring in one of these Renault models, the final estimate was a staggering £1,145.04. Take out a Renault warranty with MotorEasy to cover any unexpected mechanical or electrical faults.
  • Scenic: One owner brought their vehicle in needing work doing to the clutch plate. Including diagnostics, parts and labour costs, the job totalled £1,315.10. Fortunately, MotorEasy could pick up the bill for them because they had taken out a comprehensive Renault warranty with us.
  • Twingo: Internal faults in these cars can cost anywhere between £238.06 for repairing the starter motor to £451.20 for work on the radiator. Motorists shouldn't have to deal with this extra strain, which is why obtaining extended warranty coverage for your Renault through MotorEasy is such a good idea.