Car warranty, GAP Insurance, breakdown recovery and other FAQs

We know car ownership can be confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to inform and educate you on warranties, MOT tests, car servicing, repairs and other aspects of owning a car here.
MOT Tests, car servicing & warranties don't have to be confusing

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What is a MotorEasy car warranty and why do I need it?
How does a MotorEasy warranty differ from other providers?
What if I need a repair?
What should I do if I require a repair?
Is this the same warranty protection as a manufacturer warranty?
How do these warranties differ from extended warranties provided by car dealers?
I still have time on my manufacturer’s warranty – why do I need extra protection?
How long will my warranty last?
What do I need to do to keep my warranty valid?
My car has a problem but I don’t know the cause. What do I do?
What do I do if my car suffers a breakdown?
What are my options if my car suffers a breakdown abroad?
Does my MotorEasy warranty include recovery?
Can I submit a repair out of hours?
Who pays for repair costs?
What are my options if I sell my vehicle?
How do I transfer my warranty?
I’ve heard bad things about warranties in the past, why are MotorEasy different?
My used car came with a warranty from the dealership, what can I do?
What payment options are available?
What is the MotorEasy network?
Who are the MotorEasy engineers?
What are your business hours?
My car has a problem but I don’t know the cause. What do I do?
Who repairs my car?
Will the repair bill be broken down for me?
What is the labour rate?
I’ve already had a quote – how can MotorEasy help?
Can you repair accident damage?
Can you help with automatic gearboxes?
How do I pay?
How do I get my car to the garage?
When is my MOT due?
What is the difference between MOT and servicing?
Can you drive without an MOT?
Can you drive after failing the MOT Test?
When should I book my MOT?
What should I pay for an MOT?
Is there anything I can do to prepare my car for it’s MOT?
How should I choose an MOT test centre?
Should I have my servicing done at the same time as my MOT?
What happens if I have a problem after collecting my car?
What Vehicles are exempt from MOT?
What Is Car Servicing?
How do I get my car to the garage?
How can I ensure the correct servicing is done for my vehicle?
Where should I have my servicing done?
Does using independent garages for servicing harm my vehicle’s resale value?
How often should I have my car serviced?
Should I have my MOT done at the same time as my servicing?
Vehicle Modification & Warranty Coverage
What is GAP insurance?
What cars are eligible for GAP?
Is there a claim limit for GAP?
I lease my car. Can I still buy GAP?
How do I make a GAP claim?
You’ve asked for my MOT and Service proof where do I send this?
I can’t log in, help?

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